About Krua Koson


Krua Koson offers high quality Thai street food for a reasonable price. We are very enthusiastic about selling our food and ensuring our customers get the best value for money. Cooking delicious food and selling it is something we are extremely passionate about and would love to share with others. We are hard-working and really enjoy getting to know our customers and their needs and adapting to those needs.

Our food is best  described as authentic, fresh and delicious. We would like our customers to feel as though they are enjoying food directly from Thai street markets and for those who have never had a lot of Thai food before, it would be a chance to try something new. All our ingredients are fresh and all our sauces and pastes are home made, which is really noticeable when eating our dishes. Our food brings together all the flavours of Thailand such as sweet, sour and salty with just enough spice.

We would like to help preserve our planet so are eco friendly, using bio degradable  or recyclable food containers with wooden cutlery.

We started up Krua Koson because we are extremely passionate about making good food and sharing it with others. Being able to talk to a multitude of people and selling something we are proud of is what we really enjoy doing. Also having the ability to control everything about our own business to have it exactly how we want is important and having the freedom to create our business our own way is exciting. We are a family business, so working with one another is a lot of fun and a chance to spend time together doing something we all enjoy.

Mobile catering is great, because it leads to a new experience every time, whether we are working in a town center market or at a music festival. Getting to meet so many different people at each event makes it very interesting, customers and other mobile caterers alike.